Van Veghten, D. K. (Albany, NY)

D.(Douw) K. Van Veghten


5 Lutheran -street


New York. 1815. 1.

  1. D. K. Van Veghten, (From New York) Respectfully informs his friends and the
    public in general that he has commenced The Book-Binding Business, At the old
    stand formerly occupied by Mr. H. C. Southwick, in Lutheran-street... All
    kinds of Blank books will be bound with neatness add dispatch" Fry's 1815
    Albany Directory. p. 82.

  2. 94 State & 8 Plain. 1816 Fry's Albany Directory.

  3. 41 Dock. 1817, Packard & Van Benthuysen, Albany Directory.

  4. Van Veghten & Seymour. 1818, Pearce Albany Directory

  5. Douw K. Van Verghten, Bookseller and Bookbinder 38 State. Douw K. Van
    Veghten, Bookbinder 41 cor. Dock & Mark Lane,  and: Van Veghten & Seymour
    Bookbinders, 41 Dock & 38 State. 1819 Pearce Albany Directory.

  6. Blank Book Manufactory, 3 south State st., Bookbinder, 41 corner of Dock
    and Mark-lane. 1820, Pearce Albany Directory.

not in the 1821, 22 or 23 Albany directories

  1. (1820) Van Veghten  is back in New York City an is in a dispute, carried in
    the National Advocate and The New York Evening Post Octoober 10, 1820 as to the quality of his Blank Books  over  a Mr. T. A.
    R.'s work . October 12,1820

  2. (1821) Van Vechten (sic) presents " very elegant specimens of Bookbinding"
    ant the New York Agricultural Society Fair. Evening Post, (N.Y., N.Y.)

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