Turnbull, B. L. (St. Louis, MO)

B. L. Turnbull

Bookseller. Bookbinder & Stationer

"in Mr. Chouteau's new brick building, situated on the west side of Main
street, nearly opposite the office of the American Fur Company" (1834*)

132 N. Main, 1836-1839

of Turnbull & Thurston, 1840-1841

of Turnbull & Pray, 1843-1845

St Louis 1.

  1. A Directory of the St Louis Book and Printing Trades to 1850, by David
    Kaser, The New York Public Library, 1961, pg. 33. (*from Mo. Rep October 3)

  2. (1832) 132 North Main street, "The Bindery, connected with the store, is
    well supplied with the necessary materials to make, without delay, all
    description of Blank books, of any size or pattern." Burlington Gazette,
    Burlington Iowa

  3. (1838) 132 North Main street. Burlington Gazette, Burlington Dec. 15, 1838.

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