Thumler & Rutherford (San Francisco, CA)



Thumler & Rutherford


538 California st.

San Francisco

California 1.

The 1867 voter registration list a Joseph Wadleigh Rutherford ,44 born in
Massachusetts .

  1. San Francisco Business Directory 1899 First listing in the directories.
    This dating is problematic because in the 1901 directory they list their name
    and state established in 1870.

  2. 609 Mission Street. 1904 Crocker Langley Business Directory. This area was
    destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco Fire.

  3. 721 Larkin. 1907 Crocker Langley Business Directory. The first directory
    after the fire

  4. 117 Grant Street. 1910 Crocker Langley Business Directory. The last year-
    to-year directory checked. They were still listed at this address in the 1922
    Crocker-Langley Directory.

image: collecion ABM, prov. TJ

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