Swaim, William (New York, NY)

William Swaim*


241 Pearl Street

New York  1.

  • New York bookbinder who would move to Philadelphia to market his patent medicine (1820). Griffenhagen and Bogard,  History of drug containers and their labels. Swaim's Panacea a nationally sold medicine  for the cure of just about everything. Pontil Medicine Encyclopedia 2007. Estate was worth $500,000 in 1846 Memoirs and Auto-Biography of some of the Wealthy Citizens of Philadelphia. Guard, Ridgeway and Coleman, 1846, pg.60.

1.(1810)New York City Directory .pg 354.

(1813) Wanted Immediately three journeymen bookbinders. (NY) Evening Post, April, 7, 1813.

(1820 Stephen Smith, The Art of Printing Shall Endure. A Thesis University of
Missouri-Columbia, 2007.

  1. (1846) Swaim died "leaving a princely fortune" article states that "he
    found the recipe of his panacea on the fly-leaf of an old book he was
    rebinding" Aug. 11. 1846.
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