Stanley-Taylor Co., The (San Francisco, CA)

The Stanley Taylor Co,.


424 Sansome Street


2308 California Street

San Francisco

California 1

1, Crocker Langley Business Directory 1900 and 1902 First listings in the

Not listed in the 1903,1904 or 1905 directory under Bookbinder or Blank Book
Manufacturer. This Area was burned in the 1906 San Francisco Fire. Listed as a
Printer in the May 1906 Beecher & Pike Relief Directory as one of the
businesses disrupted by the 1906 fire.

  1. Bookbinder, 54 Bryant Street 1907 Crocker Langley Business Directory.

  2. 554-562 Bryant Street. 1908-1910 Crocker Langley Business Directories.

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