Skinner, Francis (Newport , RI)

Francis Skinner


Newport 1

See: Francis Skinner, Bookbinder of Newport An Eighteenth-century Craftsman
Identified by his Tools, by Willman and Carol M. Spawn.

  1. from: Early American Bookbindings, from the collection of Michael
    Papantonio, The Pierpont Morgan Library , New York 1972

  2. (1755) Was paid nine pounds by the assembly for the binding of books. Acts and resolves At the general Assembly of the Governor and Company of the English Colony of Rhode-Island, years 1747-1800 page 15.

  3. (1760) Thames-Street,"Francis Skinner, Bookbinder, in Thames-Street, Is removed to his House at the Head of the Street that leads fromMr.Robert Taylor's Wharfe; where he carries on the Bookbinding Business as usual" The Newport Mercury, January, 1, 1760.

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