Sanford & Lott (Cleveland, OH)

Sanford & Lott       (Alfred S. Sanford & Lewis P.)

Printers, Stationers, Bookbinders & Publishers

87 Superior Street


Ohio, (1837). 1.

  1. 1837, Sanford & Lott  Cleveland City Directory. Publishers of Cleveland's
    first directory.

2.  A. Ehinger was listed as a Bookbinder for Sanford & Lott (no listed
residence), Ernest Muller, (res. German Hotel), is a bookbinder for Sanford &
Lott. Elkanah M. Townsend (res. Farmer's & Mechanic's Hotel). Thomas
Umbstaetter is a bookbinder for Stanford & Lott (res. Farmer's & Mechanic's
Hotel). ibid

  1. (1848) 17 Superior St., and Book Dealer. This is an advertisement, a second
    listing for Sanford strictly as a bookbinder lists him as "over Book Store"
    Morgan Library of Ohio Imprints Name Index Series to 1850. source: Smead &
    Cowles' 1848, Cleveland Business Directory. same listing in 1850.
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