Rood, Sidney L. (Buffalo & Detroit Milwaukee, NY, MI, WI)

Sidney L, Rood*


Buffalo  (-1831 or 1832 see 2.**) (see also: Steele & Faxton , Charles Faxton,
R. Russell)

New York 1.

Detroit:  Bookseller, Stationer, Bookbinder and Blank Book Manufacturer, 

  • b.learned bookbinding in Fredonia N. Y. and later worked at Harpers bindery in New York City. Personal family and business papers Darwin R. Barker Library, 7 Day Street Fredonia N. Y. 

**Advertised in the 1832 Buffalo Directory but in the same year, in Detroit, Sidney Rood, among others, "advertised that they would at all times be ready to take care of those who had cholera, and they at once had all they could do.  ... the " great remedy was brandy"    "ibid pg. 286. General Friend Palmer, Early Days in Detroit.

  1. Crary "Buffalo City Directory" 1832 pg 100

2.  Detroit,  1830's (Alexander) Stowell & Rood, Bookstore with a bindery
upstairs.  "old wooden building on the northeast corner of Jefferson Avenue
and Griswold Street. (pg. 28 ), "Sid" Rood's brother  named Gill  (pg. 242),
the partnership dissolved and Sidney Rood remained, pg. 893   General Friend
Palmer, Early Days in Detroit.

  1. Rood, Sidney, L. Bookbinder, Paper-ruler & co. 29 Griswold, Detroit
    Michigan. Detroit Michigan City Directory, 1837, pg 71

  2. Cooper Block on Jefferson "later thirties and early forties", ibid pg. 261.
    I  William Green was a Foreman  at Rood's bookbinder, ibid. pg. 331,Took over
    Snow & Fisk, (Books and Stationary), in 1838 ibid pg. 893 Rood, quit business
    in 1840, ibid pg. 839.

  3. G. (Gil) F. Rood & Company, Granite Block" ( about 1845),  stationary store
    and adjoining  bookbindery. ibid pg. 412. was bought out in 1857 ibid pg. 398.

6. (1849) Sydney L. rood, Bookseller, Bookbinder, Stationer No. 181 East
Water st. Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Milwaukee Sentinel, June, 25, 1849.

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