Reid, John (New York, NY)

John Reid

Stationer, Printer and Bookbinder

17 Water street

New York

New York,   1.

  1. (1789) New York City Directory,(1790) pg. 104 (1791) New York City Directory
    (1791) New York City Directory.
    (1798) 106 Water, Bookseller and Stationer. Longworth's City Directory.
    (1799) Same address, Longworth's City Directory pg.327.

  2. (1800) The Common Council of New York on Monday the 28th of July 1800
    refers to Reid either joining the fire department or resigned from the
    department. Minutes of the Common Council of the City of N.Y. vol. 11.  pg.

  3. Christian Brown, Bookbinder would be appointed fire man a year later.
    (1800) Bookseller, New York City Directory pg. 17.
    (1801) Still listed at:106 Water. New York City Directory pg.258
    (1804) Subscriber listed in: J. Edwards,History of the Work of Redemption, pg. XXI.
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