Rangaves, Peter (San Francisco, CA)


Peter Rangaves ( Feb. 19, 1921-  Aug. 25,2008  )

Trade Bindery (1951-1996)

Born into a Greek family in Brooklyn, New York, Peter spent his youth in Athens, Greece.

He learned the trade by working for his Uncles' bookbindery in Athens. At 18 years old, Peter

came back to the United States and settled in San Francisco. Here he worked three jobs, as a

waiter, singer, and in a bookbindery. Soon his parents and four brothers joined him to live in

San Francisco. In 1951 his boss was ready to sell Peter his business. Every bank turned Peter

 down for a loan until he went to Bank of America where the loan officer looked at him and

said, " I trust you to pay the loan back." So at 30 years of age, Peter bought his former bosses'

 business and changed the name to Trade Bindery.  In the beginning days he was so afraid to

miss a business call, that he telephoned his mother to keep the line busy while he went to use

the bathroom! He built his business, married, raised a family and forty-five years later retired

to Sonoma County, California.


Santa Rosa Press Democrat

The ABM wishes to thank  Diana Rangaves for the photograph and information about her  father.
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