Plant, Timothy (New Haven CT)

Timothy  Plant

Chapel street

New Haven

Connecticut 1.

  1. (1806) Wanted  a Journeyman bookbinder... and two Boys from 14- 16 as
    apprentices ...Timothy Plant. Connecticut Herald (New Haven) April 1, 1806

  2. Chapel street. Connecticut Herald, May 29, 1810

  3. (1810) State street. "Timothy Plant, has removed from Chapel-Street into
    State Street"...,   Connecticut Herald, May 29, 1810

  4. (1813) " A Bookbinder wanted. A man that is a good workman at the Book-
    binding business and is willing to work and be steady, may find employment for
    the summer, with suitable wages (paid weekly,) by applying to  T. Plant,  New
    Haven" Connecticut Herald,  New Haven, Connecticut.

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