Phillips, William R. (San Francisco, CA)

William R. Phillips*

Bookbinders & Blank Book Manufacturer

505 Clay Street

San Francisco

California 1

*see T. K. Phillips for full listing of the many San Francisco Phillips bookbinders.

  1. Phillips Brothers 1891-1903 became William R. Phillips, in 1904, and W. R.
    Phillips & Co. in 1905. 1903,'04, '05, San Francisco Business Directory. This
    area burned in the 1906 San Francisco fire.

  2. Printers and Bookbinder, 5721 Valllejo Street. May 1906 Relief Directory.

  3. William R. Phillips & Co. 712 Sansome. 1907, San Francisco Business
    Directory, (the first directory after the fire). Still at this address in
    1908, the last directory checked.

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