Peck, Everard (Rochester, NY)

Everard Peck

Wholesale Bookseller and Paper Warehouse, established 1816.

Books & Stationary, Printing and Bookbinding.

cash paid for rags.

at the sign of the Ledger


New York (1827), 3.

  1. (1816) " Also about this time (1816 ed.) Everard Peck from Berlin
    Connecticut, set business as Rochester's first bookbinder, bookseller,
    publisher"... and would publish Rochester's first book: 'the Whole Duty of
    Women". Carl W. Peters :American scene PainterFrom Rochester to Rockport. 
    page 23.

  2. (1826) "at the sign of the Ledger, Carroll-street" Rochester. Jamestown
    Journal, Jamestown, NY, Oct., 25, 1826.

  3. Elisha Ely,  Directory for the Village of Rochester, (1827) advertisement

4." Sam Drake was the foreman in the bindery attached to the printing
establishment of Everard Peck on State Street. Peck was a Connecticut
Yankee.." Paul E. Johnson, Sam Patch the Famous Jumper, page 138.

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