Parker, Amos B. (Boston, MA)

Amos B. Parker

Stationer and Bookbinder

No. 31 Union street



  1. (1821)  Description of a severe fire that destroyed  a number of buildings
    on Union street including  the lower shop no. 31 occupied by Amos B. Parker,
    Bookbinder.  New Bedford Mercury, new Bedford MA. July, 20, 1821.

  2. (1828) Amos B. Parker, bookbinder is admitted to the Association: Joseph T.
    Buckingham, Annals of The Massachusetts  Charitable Mechanic Association,
    1853, pg. 225.

  3. Capt. Amos B. Parker, Boston bookbinder, Died March 1833 aged 37. History
    of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, By Zachariah Gardner
    Whitman,1842, pg.409.

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