Morris, Daniel (Philadelphia, PA)

Daniel Morris*


184 St. Johns Street


Pennsylvania ( 1802) 1.

  • Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by Hand" from: "Bookbinding in America" Lehmann-Haupt ed. 1967. pg. 111.

  • (1802) Philadelphia City Directory, pg. 175 Same address in 1803, pg. 180.

Daniel Morris seems  to have been in Philadelphia AND Utica N. Y.  in 1802 and

  1. Main Street, nearly opposite the School House, Utica New York.  "Their
    first minister was  Rev. Daniel Morris who arrived early in 1802 from
    Philadelphia. He was a bookbinder by trade, and not finding enough to employ
    him in his ministerial charge, or not receiving there from an adequate
    livelihood, he carried on his business of binding."  M. M. Bragg, Pioneers of
    Utica, pg. 152. Advertisement verifies his  arrival and adddress in:  The
    Patriot, Utica New York, May  9, 1803
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