McWhood, E. (New York, NY)

E. McWhood *


142 Fulton Street, Granite Building, Upstairs

New York 1.
*There is a Edward McWhood, bookbinder , in the 1835 Longworth Directory at 236 Elizabeth street. Given that in note 1 below E McWhood established his business in 1845 Edward is a different McWhood or, if the same McWhood he was in the employ of someone else. 1835 Longworth Directory, pg. 437

  1. "established 1845... Particular attention paid to the binding of Music"
    page 1403 from a disbound directory(?)  sold on e-bay 11/14 /10 balance of
    text illegible

  2. E. Mcwhood, 142 Fulton Street, New York, 1854. Trade cards of The American
    Antiquarian Society

3."at about 12/4o'clock this mourning a fire broke out on in (sic) the
Lithographic establishment of Ge. w. Hatch Co. on the third floor of No. 142
Fulton-street. The fire spread rapidly and in a short time the entire upper
portion of the building and No. 142 adjoining, occupied by E. McWood,(sic)
bookbinder: Sutton, printer; Hunt's Merchants' Magazine and other were in
flames" New York Times Feb.4, 1855.

  1. Edward McWhood. Greater New York, Printing Trade Blue Book A. F. Lewis

5.  E. McWhood 84 Fulton Street. 1930 White Orr's Classified Business

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