McArdle John P. (Clinton, OH)

John P. McArdle

Bookbinder and Publisher of the Ohio Register


Ohio, (1813) 1.

1.  McArdle emigrated from Ireland , March 17th ,1801 and set up, with Samuel
R. Smith, the first press in Clinton in July 1813. M.A. Banning Norton, A
History of Knox County Ohio pg. 243

  1. (1816) First Publisher in the region.  McArdle gave notice in his Ohio
    Register that the paper would not be published for two weeks because of the
    large amount of bookbinding, for the State, that needed to be done. 1 Hill &
    Graham, History of Knox County Ohio, pg. 362.

3.(1817) On the 15th of October, 1817, the first six months of the second
volume of the Ohio Register having been completed, the editor calls upon
subscribers to pay up old scores-

"For without this one thing necessary, it is impossible to expect that we can
live; money would be preferable, but if that is scarce with you, rags, wheat,
rye, corn, and almost all kinds of market produce will be taken in payment."

On the 5th of November he proposes to "take for subscription, advertisements,
hand-bills or bookbinding, wheat, rye, corn, buckwheat, &c., delivered at
Davis' mill in this town, in preference to some uncharted paper." (A sly dig
this at the Owl Creek Bank, Mr. McArdle.) M.A. Banning Norton, A History of
Knox County Ohio pg. 247.

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