Leishman, James, (New York, NY)

James Leishman


"lately removed from Burlington  to Trenton and advertising bookbinding and

(1780) 1.

  1. b. Callandar Scotland 1744,  d. near the St. Lawrence in 1810."..."having
    lately removed from Burlington  to Trenton"... "He was living in Cherry Valley
    at the time of the massacre and his wife was taken by the Indians with her
    children on the road to Canada But she was returned with other captives" 
    Proceedings of the N.J. Historical Society, New Series Vol.V, 1920, pg. 261

  2. worked for Issac Collins  and went to New York in 1790. ibid pg. 262.

  3. Princeton has a copy of "The Constitutions of Several Independent States of
    America" published by Thomas Bee, John Witherspoon and  Oliver Wolcott. The
    binding is "evidently" by James Leishman.

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