Legge, Henry Bilson (Boston, MA)

Henry Bilson Legge


Congress Street

Boston 1.

See : Early American Bookbindings, from the collection of Michael Papantonio,
The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York 1972. see entry #20, 23,25. active cir,

  1. (1798) Elliot street. Boston City Directory (not listed in the 1796

  2. (1800)  Congress Street (no number). Boston City Directory,

  3. (1803) no. 10 State Street. Boston City Directory no listing in 1805

  4. (1804) Died aged 41. Democrat, Boston, Nov. 14, 1804.

  5. (1805) "James F. Fletcher... Respectfully informs the public, and the
    friends and customers of the late Mr. Henry Legge, deceased,(in particular)
    that he continues to carry on the above business at his late shop, no. 10 MA.
    Feb., 23,1805.  /  Died in Boston aged 41. Massachusetts Spy, Worcester MA.

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