Leedel, George (New York, NY)

George Leedel


Burlings Slip

New York

New York 1.

  1. (1770) "The Deserted Village" Also, Just published and to be sold by, George Leedel. The New York Journal, March, 28, 1771..

  2. (1773). spelled Leedell "Book-Binder, late of London, Begs leave to return his thanks to
    his friends and customers, and the public in general, for their past favours,
    and hopes for the future continuance of them, which he will endeavor to
    deserve, He has removed to Peck's-slip, next door to Mr White Matlak's, watch-
    maker, where he proposed's to continue to carry on his business in all its
    different branches, as neat as can be done in London. Merchants and others ,
    may be supplied at a very short notice, with all kinds of books (such as
    ledgers, journals, and waste books) as cheap as thy can be imported. Where may
    be also had his much admired Black and Red Ink and Hudson's Bay Quills, so
    long wanted in this country; spelling books and primers, books marbled on the
    edges, as in London' and paper giltĀ  and black."The New York Gazette and the
    Weekly Mercury, May, 3, 1773

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