Leary, A. J. (San Franciso, CA)

A. J. Leary

Blank Book Manufacturer

404 Sansome

San Francisco

California 1.

In the 1870 San Francisco Census Andrew J. Leary was listed as 40 years old,
born in New York and had a personal value of $500.

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  1. San Francisco Business Directory, 1873

  2. Printer Paper Ruler & Blank Book Manufacturer .San Francisco Business

  3. Andrew J. Leary. 524 Sacramento, San Francisco Business Directory, (listing
    under Bookbinder) 1874.

  4. 404 Sansome San Francisco Business Directory. 1874

  5. Remained at 404 Sansome until at least 1891. Not found in later
    directories. A Freygang-Leary appears in 1897 see Freygang-Leary. If this is
    the same A. Leary he would be 67 years old.

T. J. Leary is listed as President of Bookbinders Local union No.31.
International Brotherhood of Bookbinders'. Crocker Langley S. F. Business
Directory listed under Associations.1908, Crocker Langley S. F. Business

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