Kirby, Peter, (New York, NY)

Peter Kirby


44 Crown st. (Liberty)

New York

New York 1.

  1. (1789) Hodge, Allen & Campbell New York City Directory,pg. 59. first
    directory listing

  2. (1790- 1791) 33 Ann st.. Hodge, Allen & Campbell, New York City Directory. pg. 58

not listed in the 1792 directory

The New York Magazine volume III, 1792 Lists a "Mr. William Kirby, bookbinder.
He fell suddenly in the street, and expired immediately." pg. 128

3 . The Grolier Club Catalogue of Ornamental Bindings, pg. 102 lists 127
Chatham st. as an additional address.

  1. (1798)) 344 Broadway no occupation listed. Longworth's, City Directory

  2. (1804) Subscriber listed in: j. Edwards,History of the Work of Redemption, pg. XIX.

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