Jones, Elnathan (Boston, MA)

Elnathan Jones


11  1-2 School Street*


Massachusetts, 1.

*Meaning of "11  1-2" is not clear

  1. (1849) Mercantile Union, Business Directory for New England, pg. 116.

  2. (1849)Died at San Francisco, on the 11th of October last, Mr. Elnathan Jones.
    Mr Jones was for several years an inhabitant of this city, but carried on his business, that of a bookbinder, in Boston, where he was well known.He was a man of estimable character, of kind and generous feelings, a friendly neighbor, a faithful and affectionate husband and father, He leaves behind, a wife and three children, the eldest eleven years old. Mr. Jones embarked from N. York, in the Crescent City, for Chargres, early in the Summer. While waiting at Panama for a passage to San Francisco, he was seized with the Panama fever, so called, from which he had but partially recovered, when he took passage in the Tasso, for California. After an apparent convalescence of considerable duration, he relapsed and continued to decline, with short intervals only of hope, until the vessel anchored in the port of San Francisco. His death and the termination of the passage of the vessel, took place nearly at the same hour. On the afternoon of the following day, he was buried in the cemetery of Dan Francisco"...Cambridge Chronicle, 20 December 1849.

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