January, Benjamin (Philadelphia, PA)

Benjamin January

Bookbinder and Stationer*

Water Street a little Southward of the Draw-Bridge and next door to Mr. John Mease's


Pennsylvania. 1.

  • 'Benjamin January, Bookbinder and Stationer, Bookbinding in all its branches.. Account books made and ruled to any pattern'. Advertisement in the Pennsylvania Gazette, April 27,1774. also: Trade cards of The American Antiquarian Society

B. January married Hannah Langdale the the first Baptist Church 16 March 1775.
Roach, Hanna Banner, "Colonial Philadelphia", pg.190

1.(1773) "he has lately opened his shop on Water Street" the Pennsylvania Packet, August 9, 1773.

(1785) Front Street between Chestnut and Market : Philadelphia City
Directory: pg. 38.

  1. (1794) South Second street : Philadelphia City Directory, pg. 77.  Same
    address in 1795, pg.  119.  Address in 1796,  (77 South Second street) pg 95.

  2. (1775) B. January married Hannah Langdale  at the the first Baptist Church 16 March, 1775. Roach, Hanna Banner, "Colonial Philadelphia", pg.190

(1783)In Front Street nearly opposite the Coffee House. The Pennsylvania Packet, June 5, 1783.
(1786)"in Front Street, at the sign of the Bible and Dove and Between Walnut-street and the Draw-Bridge. Independent Gazetteer, Philadelphia August 17, 1786.
(1787) A reward is offered for the return of some stolen books in sheets. The Independent Gazetteer, Philadelphia. April 23, 1787.
(1787) Benjamin January is declared Bankrupt. Independent Gazetteer, Philadelphia, December 3, 1787.
(1788)"Respectfully informs his friends and the public in general, that he has once more begun business at his house on the north side of Chestnut street, three doors above Fourth street".
(1803) died January, 24 at Chamlersburg :Literary Magazine and American Register ,
1803-04  Oct- March. pg. 320

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