Hosington, Jasper A. (Chicago, IL)

Jasper A. Hosington*


35 Clark


Illinois, 1843 1.

  • Died Oakland California March 25. 1895 aged 94.

  • "Chicago Bookbindery, (formerly:  Bowman [Ariel] & Ross [Hugh], Saloon
    Building corner of Lake and Clark streets; having taken the above
    establishment, is prepared to execute binding in all its branches". Chicago
    City Directory for 1843

2.  Ariel Bowman came to Chicago in 1840.  Hugh Ross is listed in the 1839
Directory as a Bookbinder and Paper-ruler. The partnership was dissolved Sept.
14, 1843 and was succeeded by J. A. Hosington.  Alfred Theodore Andreas,
History of Chicago Ending With the Year 1857, pg. 414

  1. 45 Clark  building. see 1 above. and associated with William Stacey

4  61 Clark Street. about 1847. the "business house" moved in 1850 to 79 Lake 
C. ibid

5.Hosington left and Stacey took over 1852. moving to lake and Clark. ibid

  1. 1854, Culver & Page bought out Stacey . ibid

  2. 1855 Culver, Page & Hoyne ibid.

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