Hodgson, John (Boston, MA)

John Hodgson

Bookbinder, ( Bookseller & Stationer) 2.

Marlborough street


Mass. 1. (1762- 1781) 2.
On December 27, 1770, Hodgson would transcribe the trial of the soldiers after the Boston Massacre.

  1. "Bred to the art in Scotland, and a good workman. He took, in short hand,
    the trial of the soldiers concerned in the Boston Massacre on 5th March 1770".
    Leander Bishop, History of American Manufacturer, 1868, pg. 192.

  2. In 1768, Hodgson would give up his shop and go to work for John Mein. The
    Grolier Club, Catalogue of Ornamental Leather Bookbindings, pg. 97.  (from
    Isiah Thomas)

  3. Would die cir 1781. Isiah Thomas pg 228

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