Hoag, Charles (Concord, NH)

Charles Hoag



New Hampshire

  1. (1823) Charles Hoag, Bookbinder, Concord. N.H. will pay Cash for 1000
    Tanned Sheep Skins. New Hampshire Patriot, Concord New Hampshire) may, 26 1823

  2. (1824) "Charles Hoag, bookbinder executes all kinds of Bookbinding in the
    latest styles and best possible manner, combining elegance with durability,
    and as cheap as can be procured elsewhere." advertisement, New Hampshire
    Patriot,June, 6, 1824

  3. (1826) "Journeyman Bookbinder Wanted immediately, a Journeyman Bookbinder;
    one who can come well recommended will meet with constant employment. Inquire
    of Charles Hoag. Concord N.H. Patriot, Concord N.H. Oct.. 2, 1826.

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