Hicks & Co. (San Francisco, CA)



Hicks & Co

Bookbinders and Blank Book Manufacturers

543 Clay st.

San Francisco

California 1.

A Daniel Hicks age 34, born in Virginia  was listed   in the 1867 voter

  1. San Francisco Business Directory 1865 ( not in 1864 Business or earlier)

  2. D. Hicks & Co. 1867 S.F. Business Directory (see also 9. below)

  3. Advertisement pg. 299 S.F. Business Directory 1869

  4. 543 Clay st. 1873, S.F. Business Directory. Misprint as advertisement still
    reads 543 Clay st.: "Paper Rulers and Blank Book Makers Particular attention
    given to Elegant Binding, and imitation of Antiques. Blank Books made to order
    from the best quality of paper."

  5. 508 Montgomery st. 1881, S.F. City Directory

  6. Hicks & Judd 508 Montgomery, S.F. City Directory, 1886

  7. 23 First st., S.F. City Directory, 1887. San Francisco Business Directory,
    Remained at this address with listings under both Bookbinding and Blank Book
    Manufacturer until 1905 , the last directory before the 1906 San Francisco

  8. " This Directory was bound by The Hicks-Judd Co." S.F. City Directory,
    1889, pg. 1426

  9. D. Hicks & Co. 27 Main (new listing) and below it: Hicks-Judd Co. 23 First,
    S. F. Business Directory,1890. Remained at this address until the 1906 fire
    which destroyed this area.

  10. 1000a (number unclear ) Golden Gate Ave. S. F. , The Relief Directory May

  11. Hicks Judd Co. 270-284 Valencia, St.. 1907, Crocker Langley S. F. Business
    Directory.. The first directory after the fire.

  12. 51-55 First Street. 1910 Crocker Langley S. F. Business Directory. The
    last directory checked



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