Grabau, John F. (Buffalo, NY)

John F. Grabau



New York

  1. "came to Buffalo with his parents when he was seven years of age, received
    his education at the congregational school of Trinity Lutheran Church and
    public School 15. he became an artistic bookbinder and apprenticed in the
    printing shops of Gies & Co. and at the bookbindery of Peter Paul. Later he
    worked in A.T. Browns Printing house and perfected his art with the
    Roycrofters in East Aurora. In 1905 he became self-supporting and opened a
    studio at 78 Pooley Place." member of Buffalo Society of Artists, the Guild of
    Book Workers and the  Director of the Buffalo Guild of Allied Arts. Buffalo
    and its German Community Jacob E. Mueller, 1912, pg. 286-290 includes a
    photograph of Grabau and of one of his bindings. ._ACraymer.jpg 
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