Fessenden, William (Brattleboro, NH)

William Fessenden*

Paper-maker, Printer, Bookbinder

and Newspaper Publisher


New Hampshire ( -1816) 2.

  • b.1779, Walpole N.H., and learned printing there. One of the founders of Brattleboro's first paper-mills (1811)

  • (1806) ' The public are respectfully informed that the Subscriber intends
    to carry on the BOOK-BINDING BUSINESS, in the room with his Printing Office
    and Bookstore;having purchased a complete set of the best Binding apparatus,
    and English stock, and employed a journeyman who is master of the business":
    Reporter, Brattleboro Vermont December, 13, 1806.

  • William died in 1816 and his business was taken over by his brother Joseph
    and a Mr Holbrook  forming Holbrook & Fessenden. In 1836 Holbrook & Fessenden
    would gross $500,000. (pg. 313).  Joseph died in 1834. John C. Holbrook, son
    of John and others, would buy the firm and publish a Bible. in Boston, under
    the name Richardson, Lord & Holbrook: Mary Rogers Cabot, Annals of
    Brattleboro, pg. 234.

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