Fessenden, William (Brattelboro, VT)

William Fessenden,

Papermaker, papermaker and Bookbinder



  1. (1816) "In 1816, owing to the death of his son-in-law, William Fessenden, who
    married his daughter Patty, and was for many years an enterprising
    paper-maker, printer, bookbinder and dealer, as well as publisher of one
    of Brattleboro's first newspapers, it was necessary for Mr. Holbrook to return to Brattleboro to assume charge of the business, which he subsequently enlarged after taking as partner Joseph Fessenden, brother of William, who was also a son-in-law, under the firm name Holbrook & Fessenden. The pure whiteness and clearness of the post and letter paper made at their mill were said to be due to the purity of spring water for which the town was noted. For undertaking to publish a large family Bible, by subscription, in this obscure town, so far away from the centers of trade, Mr. Holbrook was
    ridiculed by the foremost publishers of the day in New York and Boston,
    and certain failure by them was confidently predicted ; but they little knew
    the character or capabilities of the man. In spite of prophecy and dis- couragement, he supplied all subscribers with the Bible and made it a complete financial success. Mr. Holbrook retired from active business, though still associated withthe firm Holbrook & Fessenden from 1832 to 1837, when he became presi- dent of the Brattleboro Bank." Mary R Cabot, Annals of Brattlebro, 1681-1895, pg. 234
    "perhaps the largest printing and bookbinding establishment in the state" ibid pg, 371
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