Elles & Starr (New York, NY)


(Kelita) Elles* & (Daniel) Starr


114 and 116 Nassau Street

New York 1857. 1.

  1. "Solicit From Publishers & Binders of Canada Orders for Cambric Cases and
    Cloth Binding" Disbound page  The Canada Directory for 1857-58...Corrected to November, 1857. Montreal, John Lovell. dated 1858 pg. 1404. 
    e-bay 11/14/08

2.Wm. Spawn notes a Kelita S. Elles & Samuel Middlebrook in New York City
1837-1842. and Ellis &  Starr were at the above address1856-1860.Spawn ASB
nos,191 &192.

  1. Kelita S. Elles was married to Abbey c. Williams of Providence RI. in
    Andover Mass. on Dec 15, 1827 Vital Records of Andover Mass. vol. 2 pg 111.

  2. Kelita S. Elles, 114 Nassau Street ,1836.  Huttner & Huttner  A Register of
    New York Book Trades.

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