Cushing, Isaac (Salem, MA)

Isasc Cushing



Massachusetts 1.

b. Aug.16,1779, d. Feb. 16,1836

  1. (1802) opposite Col. Derby's.  Salem Imprints 1768-1825, by Harriet
    Silvester*Salem Imprints 1768- 18 Tapley pgs199-200

1a. (1802)Bookbinding is carried on by the Subscriber in the Eastern End of
the Brick House opposite Col. DERBY's where all orders in that line will be
thankfully received, and faithfully executed,. ISAAC CUSHING" Salem Gazette,
Salem MA. February, 9, 1802.

  1. (1803)  In the Chamber over Mr. Sercomb's Store, Federal Street.   Salem
    Gazette, Salem MA., April, 1, 1803

  2. (1806) destroyed by fire. ibid, Tapley pg 85*

  3. (1806-1809) Essex Street. ibid

  4. ( 1809, Later part) Washington Street. ibid

  5. (1821) corner of Essex and Washington. ibid (see also advertisement in
    Haverhill Gazette, Haverhill MA, Feb. 16, 1821)

  6. (1825) Tapley states that Cushing probably left Salem in 1825 and that
    George Coleman had purchased his business. ibid

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