Cooke & LeCount (San Francisco, CA)


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Cooke & LeCount *

Bookbinder & Blank Book Manufacturer

Best Book Finishers in the Country

Montgomery St., between Clay & Commercial

San Francisco

California 1.

"Established as Cook & LeCount , March 1850; changed to LeCount & Strong, Nov.
1852, and to present style Feb. 1865. This complete and extensive
establishment unsurpassed in the United States deserves more than a passing
notice. Its present proprietor in conjunction with his associate, commenced
business in the infancy of the city, and has participated in its early
vicissitudes caused by the conflagrations which were so destructive. In the
early part of 1853 , the present splendid structure occupied by Mr. LeCount
was erected at an expense of $82,000 and exhibits, in all its details,
completeness of adaption, the result of the perfect acquaintance of its
enterprising owner in the business in which he is engaged, It is 26 by 90
feet, and four stories in height, One of its early and most successful
merchants Mr L. considers as his permanent home the city which his enterprise
has aided to enlarge and adorn." San Francisco directory 1856-57 page 126.

Some doubt should be raised as to the march 1850 establishment of partnership.
The Business is not found in the Bogardus May 1850 Directory. They are listed
in the Kimball September 1850 Directory.

From the advertisement this seems to be a well established firm offering:
printing, publishing, bookselling, lithography as well as binding. It is
likely that this firm had been established for some time. Wm B Cooke was
listed in Bogardus 1850 directory as a bookseller and stationer (wholesale and
retail) at this address. LeCount, from later listings, is clearly a
bookbinder. It should be noted that Bogardus directory was published in May
1850 and there was no mention of the LeCount partnership that LeCount states
as having taken place in March of 1850.

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