Coale, E. J. (Baltimore, MD)

E. (Edward). J. Coale

Books, Mer. and Stationary (& Bookbinder(?**))

No. 4 Calvert St

Baltimore, (1829*) 1.

Title page of Bowen's Picture of Boston, 1828, lists Coale as a source for
this book.

** Ticket states "madeĀ  and sold E. J. Coale by"

  1. Ticket in the Collection of the Virginia Historical Society, (1997.191.6.2)
    prov. John & Suse Field

  2. (1832) Coale & Littell, Calvert street, opposite the post office. Are
    renting a space suitable for a printer or a bookbinder (are they closing up
    shop or moving?) Baltimore Gazette and Daily Advertiser, Sept. 5, 1832.

Image courtesy Roger Crump

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