Clark, Stephen (Annapolis, Baltimore, MD)

Stephen Clark

Bookseller Stationer and Bookbinder

Church Street

Annapolis 1.

  1. Author of "A Catalogue of the Annapolis Circulating Library" printed by
    Frederick Green,1786

  2. (1786) Clark, Stephen, A Catalogue of the Annapolis Circulating Library
    consisting of nearly fifteen hundred volumes. in Church street Annapolis. by
    Stephen Clark, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder,in Churh street Annapolis.

  3. (1784-1806)  Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts, vol. 24, no. 2.

  4. Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts identification number: 52420.

  5. (1812) Stephen Clark & co., Bookbinders and Stationers, 114 Baltimore street Baltimore. Baltimore City Directory pg. 17.

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