Braunhold & Sonne (Chicago, IL)

Gustavus Braunhold & Charles Sonne,



  1. (1848) Gustavus Braunhold established his business in 1848 binding
    exclusively German books. He would partner with Charles Sonne in 1850. Alfred
    Theodore Andreas, History of Chicago Ending With the Year 1857, pg. 414.
    Braunhold would die Feb. 18,1890 St, Charles Ill. Illinois.  Genealogy Trails:
    Death notices for Chicago's old Settlers.

  2. (1855-56) 51 Lasalle,  Chicago City Directory pg.167 

3.  Charles Sonne  Bookbinder & Blank Book Manufacturer. 47 S. La Salle,1866,
Edwards' New Business Directory, Chicago  pg.  899 & 907. 

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