Birch, William Y. (Philadelphia, PA)

William Young Birch


no 17 South Second street


Pennsylvania 1.

  1. (1800) Stationer : Philadelphia City Directory pg. 21. Same address in
    1801, pg. 55. In 1802 pg 30. In 1803 pg. 30.

  2. (1801) advertised for a journeyman bookbinder "who understands Blank Work".
    Philadelphia Gazette, June 18, 1801

(1806) 37 South Second : Same address in 1807 Philadelphia City Directory  no
page number. Same address in 1809, pg. 35.

  1. (1837) Deaths, " Mr Birch was a native of Manchester, in England whence he
    emigrated to the United States, and landed at Petersburg, in Virginia, in the
    year 1793, From Petersburg, he proceeded to Philadelphia, and immediately
    begun business as a bookbinder) in that city, prosecuting it with the greatest
    industry, and with correspondent success. He afterwords, in partnership with
    his late valued friend Mr. Abraham Small, engaged in the business of a large
    publisher of Books, which he prosecuted also successfully for a number of
    years after which he withdrew from business, and had lived for more than
    twenty years a life of retirement and privacy"... Daliy National Intelligener,
    Washington, DC. June, 5, 1837.
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