Barns, Jacob & Co (Grand Rapids, MI)

Jacob Barnes & Co


next to the Post Office

Grand Rapids

Michigan,(1855), 1.

1."In 1855, the Enquirer advertised the establishment of a book-bindery,
"next, door to the the Post Office", where" blank books, day-books, journals
and all kinds of county records will be bound in the best style at Detroit
prices"  "Andrew J. Dygert was the workman, and the first book-binder to ply
his trade in this city."   Baxter, Albert, History or the City of Grand
Rapids,1891,  chapter, XXX.

  1. 1860, November bought by John C. Wenham and moved to: Nevius Block (now
    Gunn Block) Monroe Street. ibid. (author makes no note of a name change)

  2. 1863 Sold to Henry M. Hinsdill, Bookbinding and Bookselling. ibid

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