Barlow Brothers (Grand Rapids, MI)


Barlow Brothers, (John B. & Herman G.)


Randall Block, foot of Lyon Street

Grand Rapids

Michigan. est. 1877, 1.

not in Spawn

  1. " Their business has grown until it amounts to from $30,000 to $40,000
    yearly."  Baxter, Albert, History or the City of Grand Rapids,1891,  chapter,

  2. 5 & 7 Pearl Street. Ad. dated 1895 in collection Vernon Wiering.

Barlow Brothers ticket and rolls found on Kuiper, E. Voto Dordraceno,
Amsterdam, Wormser, 1894.   Rebound by Barlow. Cloth typical diagonal brown,
tan, rust

images courtesy: Vernon Wiering, Wiering Books, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Ticket on top right:  Collection ABM,000294, prov.TJ


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