Arnold, Philip ( New York, NY)

Philip Arnold

Bookbinder & Stationer

94 Water Street

New York

New York (1795-6) 
(1795) Bookseller and Stationer. New York City Directory pg.8 , (1796) bookseller, pg. 6
1.  Register of Artists, Engravers, Booksellers, Bookbinders,Printers and publishers in New York City 1633-1820 pg. 8
2.(1797) Bookbinder, Chatham do.. New York City Directory pg.113.
(1801,1803) Accountant. New York City Directory pg. 109.
(1804) Bookstore, 8 Harman & 60 Cherry. New York City Directory pg.74.
3. (1804) Dissolution of Co-Partnership- The Co-partnership heretofore
existing between Philip Arnold, Samuel A. Burtus & Benjamin Crane, under the
firm of P. Arnold & Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent- Those who
have any demands against said firm will please apply for settlement, and all
those indebted are requested to make payment to Burtus & Crane, who are
authorized to settle the concern" Daily advertiser, New York, New York, June,
7, 1804.

(1805) 8 Harman. not listed as a Bookbinder,Accountant or Bookseller New York City Directory pg.92 listed with different address in later directories without mention of occupation.

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