Arden, Thomas (New York, NY)

Thomas Arden


186 Pearl street

New York

New York 1.

1.(1800) New York City Directory pg. 16.

(1803)Paper -Ruler, Blank-Book Manufacturer and Publisher
"patent Ruling Machine. Mercantile Advertiser, New York City, May
31, 1803.

  1. (1804) "Wanted two Apprentices." New York Gazette, February 15, 1804.

  2. (1804) T. S. Arden. Commercial Advertiser, New York, New York, December 13,

  3. (1805) "For Sale, the valuable ESTABLISHMENT with the STOCK IN TRADE of the
    late THOMAS ARDEN Bookseller and Stationer- The Stock consists of a very
    judicious selection of the most valuable publications in every Branch of
    Literature general assortment of the best English Stationary with a complete
    set of tools for the Bookbinding Business."New York Gazette, New York New
    York, November, 6, 1905.

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