Andrews, E. R. (Rochester, NY)

E. R. Andrews

Printer, Bookbinder and Blank Book Manufacturer

No. 1 Aqueduct Street


New York  (1871-)1.

  1. "established in 1849 by Smith & McClough who were succeeded by Smith, Fisher
    & Benton and in 1854 Mr. Andrews came in as a partner, and succeeded to the
    sole control in 1871. He moved the same year to his present quarters,
    comprising five floors, 40X72 feet each, which he has equipped in the most
    perfect manner with twelve printing presses, and the latest improved cutting,
    ruling, stitching, sewing, perforating and numbering machines, together with
    ample steam and water power, and employment is given therein to from 100 to
    130  skilled hands." History and Commerce of Rochester illustrated 1894, pg.
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