Wilson, Stewart (Albany, NY)

Stewart Wilson

Bookbinder & Bookseller

opposite the main guard


New York, (1759), 1. 2.

  1. Catalogue of Ornamental Leather Bookbindings Executed in America Prior to
    1850, by The Grolier Club, pg.105.

  2. (1759) Stewart Wilson, Bookbinder and bookseller, opposite the Main Guard,
    in Albany; has to dispose of, a great Variety of books, upon every Subject,
    and more especially those suited to the Taste of America. Said Wilson binds
    all Kinds of Books in the newest and neatest Manner. Any Gentlemen in the Army
    or elsewhere, that please to favour him with their Orders for Books or
    Stationary of any kind, may depend on being punctually served" The New York
    Mercury, October 22, 1759. The Arts and Crafts in New York, The New York
    Historical Society, 1936, vol. LXIX, pg.  248.

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