Williams & Snyder (Harrisburg, PA)

Williams* & Snyder


100 Market Street, between Fourth and Fifth 



  • It is likley that this is the Edward Charles Williams  who learned bookbinding from a Jacob Snyder  and would move to  Harrisburg  and, in 1846 establish Clyde & Williams ( see Clyde & Williams). Edward C. Williams Family Papers. Pennsylvania State Archive.  In 1845 William Snyder would become a "bookbinder and Butcher",  Williams and Snyder would not be listed and   Edward C. Williams would have his own listing. 

1.1842  Harrisburg City Directory.  And 1843 Directory.  Univ, of Delaware
digital street directories. 

  1. William Snyder, Bookbinder and Butcher, North street near the canal.1845
    City Directory, Univ, of Delaware digital street directories.


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