West, Samuel (Salem, MA)

Samuel West

Bookbinder, Paper-ruler

Essex Street (several locations) 1807-1819 &1821-1835



See Tapley page 205 for dispute with Thomas Prince bookbinder

b. 1783 d.Nov.26 1851

  1. "advertised ' ruling machine that will cross rule faint lines and red lines
    to any pattern that may be wanted, equal to the English ruling' " advertised
    iron spring backs. Salem Imprints 1768- 1825, by Harriet Silvester Tapley pgs 
    209-211 * Salem Imprints 1768- 1825, by Harriet Silvester Tapley pgs  
    209-211. Tapley gives an accounting of the binders tools that West advertised
    for sale at his house on Lynde street.

(1809) has removed opposite Mrs Gilman's Essex street. Essex Register, Salem,
July, 19, 1809.

(1818) "Samuel West, Having sold his whole stock in Trade and expecting
shortly to leave town... For Sale A set of Bookbinder's Tools complete for the
business viz. 1 Standing Press,3 Cutting Presses, 2, Shaving Tubs, 1 pair
large Shears, 1 set Polishers, Several handsome Gilding,Rolls, 1 set brass
Letters 1 brass Type Case, Types, 1 Gilding Cushion, knife do, Backing Irons,
1 Iron Stove, a Marbling Brushes, and other articles  too numerous to mention.
Any person who will purchase the whole together may have them on very
reasonable terms." Essex Register, Salem Aug. 19, 1818.

  1. (1819-1821) John D. Wilson Jr. took control of the business . ibid

  2. (1822) " Samuel West ...carries on the Book-Binding business in all its
    various branches."Essex Register, Salem, March, 9, 1822

  3. (1828) corner Liberty and Essex. Bookbinder and Blank-book manufacturer.
    Salem Gazette, Aug. 8, 1828.

  4. (1838) No. 20, North street. Salem Gazette, July 13, 1838.

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