Wesby, Joseph H. (Wor., MA)




Main Street, opposite the Head of Central


Massachusetts   1.

  1. Joseph Wesby was born Feb,18,1818 in Philadelphia. Learned bookbinding at
    Lippincott and later moved to Boston and worked at the Bradley Bindery. In
    1843 he moved to Worcester and worked at Hutchinson & Crosby.  By 1845 he was
    in business for himself  Franklin Pierce Rice, "Worcester of Eighteen Hundred
    and Ninety-eight", pg.793.

2.Burnside Building. ibid

  1. (1846)  J. S. Westby, 102 Main Street. "This establishment is chiefly
    devoted to rebinding old books, periodicals & co."the Barre Patriot,Barre, MA
    Feb. 26, 1847.

4.1860. 387 Main street."Worcester of Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-eight",

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