Wells, Charles C. (New York, NY)

Charles C. Wells


111 Fulton Street

New York

New York 1.

  1. (1834) Edwin Williams, New York as it is: Containing a General
    Description...(a Stranger's Guide) pg. 227

  2. (1832-1844) "At least until 1832 he was described as a bookbinder, after
    which he was listed as a bookseller, in 1838 as a publisher, and in 1844
    simply as "books"  Edwin Wolf 2nd,  American Embossed Leather Bindings,
    1825-1855, pg. 33.

  3. (1835) Bindery was destroyed by fire. Reported in Norfolk, Advertiser,
    Dedham, Mass., Aug 15, 1835.

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