Union Lithography Co. (San Francisco, CA)

Union Lithography Co.

Bookbinders and Blank Book Manufacturers

316 Sacramento, and 310 -312 Battery

San Francisco

California. 1.

  1. San Francisco Business Directory. 1893. First listied only under Blank Book
    Manufacturers in the directories.

  2. Listing limited to 316 Sacramento, and also listed under Bookbinders. San
    Francisco Business Directory 1896

  3. 325 Sansome. San Francisco Business Directory 1897. Remained here until the
    area was destroyed in the 1906 fire.

  4. 426 9th Street Oakland. May 1906 Beecher & Pike Relief Directory.

  5. 741-755 Harrison. 1907, Crocker Langley Business Directory Listings
    continue under Bookbinders (only) until 1910 the last directory checked

6 Still listed in the Crocker Langley 1922 Directory at 741-757 Harrison.

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