Steele, Daniel (Albany, NY)

Daniel Steele*


State Street and Middle Lane  ( now James St.)


New York.  1793, 1.

  1. Came to Albany shortly before the great fire of 1793 opening up a bindery
    in the same building as Charles R. Websters printing office, Steele being
    related to Mr.Webster's wife. Steele would lose all his stock in the great
    fire of 1793. J. Munsell, Annals of Albany, 1854. vol V. pg 233.

  2. (1800) Court street, cor. Hudson street and Webster 's Book-store.
    Advertisement, Otsego Herald, Cooperstown, New York, Sept. 25, 1800. ALSO,
    Albany Register, Nov. 21, 1800.

(1802)"Just Printed, And for sale by the dozen or single, By Daniel Steel bookbinder"... Albany Gazette. Albany, New York., January,7,1802.

  1. (1805) Daniel Steele, Books and Stationary, Court street, cor. Hudson
    street. Albany Gazette, Albany, new York, September, 16, 1805.

  2. D. Steele  would become: Packard and Van Benthuysen and later C. Van
    Benthuysen  "Nathaniel White came from Hartford  Connecticut, in 1808, at the
    age of 16, and was apprenticed as a bookbinder to the late Mr. Daniel Steele".
    White would stay with the firm at least 41 years  "Other apprentices at the
    time were: O. R. Van Benthuysen, Isaac Newton and Lemuel Steele.'  Annals of
    Albany vol 360.

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